Season 0, Episode 1
Icecream thumbnail
Air date August 17, 2012
Written by Chris O'Neill

Zach Hadel

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Icecream was a short preview and the very first Hellbenders video. It debuted on August 14th, 2012.


In the short, Chris and Zach go get some ice cream. Chris tells the man in the ice cream truck that he wants ice cream, and the ice cream truck man kindly asks what flavor he wants. Chris stands there wondering for a second, before he gets interrupted by Zach nervously mumbling about him wanting choclate while sweating.

The ice cream man is confused. The ice cream man is confused as Chris yells I want blue!  followed by Zach saying I want purple. and then some random sounds\gibberish. The ice cream man begins to lose his temper with Chris and Zach, when Chris tells him to not raise his voice in public. Zach then starts to tickle the ice cream man, first his face then his feet. As this is happening you can hear Chris bursting out in the background that he wants rasberry. When Zach gets back out of the ice cream man's truck, the ice cream man yells out What the fuck is wrong with you two idiots?! angrily, followed by Chris and Zach standing in a funny pose for a second or two. Chris says Okay, bye! just before the Hellbenders logo with flames behind it shows up for a few seconds with a very short and intense guitar sequence performed by YouTube user ArtificialFear.


  • A blue t-shirt with a picture of Chris and the caption "I want blue" can be bought on a on
  • The Icecream Man was voiced by Mick Lauer, also known as "RicePirate".