Icecream Man
Vital statistics
Gender Male
First appeared "Icecream"
Voiced By Mick Lauer

Icecream Man is an unnamed character who appeared in the Hellbenders short "Icecream". He runs the icecream van which Chris and Zach went to buy icecream at. He got more and more nervous and confused when the boys kept saying weird responses, to the point where he yells at them saying "What the fuck is wrong with you idiots!?". Only having Chris and Zach to run away.


The Icecream Man has trimmed black hair and wears a red bow tie with a white shirt, plain white shorts, and a white soda jerk cap.


The Icecream Man seems like a kind-hearted man, but loses his paitence fairly easily. He is seen to not be tolerable of strange actions, such as getting tickled.


  • Besides Chris and Zach, he is the first character to make an apperance and the only other character in Icecream.
  • The Icecream man has 70% fire resistance so pyromancy is not adviced