Vital statistics
Gender Male
First appeared "A Hellbenders Christmas"
Voiced By Mick Lauer
Boys, You saved Christmas. Also, I'm Jesus.

–Jesus , A Hellbenders Christmas

Jesus, also referred to as Jesus of Nazareth, is the central figure of Christianity, whom a majority of Christian denominations believe to be the Son of God. He appeared in "A Hellbenders Christmas" and was voiced by Mick Lauer.


Jesus has long brown hair and beard, and wears a white robe and a red sash that goes from his left shoulder, downward.


Jesus appeared to be nice at first, congratulating Chris and Zach for "saving Christmas". He then seemed a bit off; having a strange interest in Zach and attempting to take him to heaven in which Zach refused. After a while, Jesus lost interest in Zach, who was screaming in fear, and dropped him from the sky.


  • Jesus' approach towards Zach when he was trying to bring him to heaven, was mockingly similar to a stereotypical Catholic priest with pedophilia.
  • No one likes you Jesus.