Mark Ette
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Vital statistics
Gender Male
First appeared "Applooza"
Voiced By Mick Lauer
It's fiddy bucks a pop.

–Mark Ette, Applooza

Mark Ette is a black neighbor of Chris and Zach and made his debut in "Applooza", the very first Hellbenders episode. 


Chris and Zach went to his house to sell apples to the "black" market, he was offended and threatened to call the police. The boys mention they were selling apples and Mark then allowed them to sell them to him, but when he said "Fifty bucks a pop" Chris disagreed in a way that was racist to black people and the Black Gang came to beat him up. Chris explained that him and Zach were not racist, which resulted in Mark giving some money and asking them to leave.


Mark has black trimmed hair and wears a green sweater with a white short sleeved shirt with a name in red text saying "HELLO MY NAME IS MARK ETTE".


  • His name is a pun on the word "market".
  • He is the first black character in Hellbenders.
  • He was voiced by Mick Lauer, also known as Rice Pirate on Newgrounds, and ricepiratenewgrounds on YouTube.