Spaghetti the Yeti
Vital statistics
Gender Male (assumed)
First appeared "A Hellbenders Christmas"
Voiced By Chris O'Neill

Spaghetti the Yeti made his debut in the episode, "A Hellbenders Christmas".


After Chris and Zach sang to quietly to the blond guy, Zach shot spit from his trumpet at him which made him slide towards Spaghetti and then he cut his head off. He can be seen later in the crowd cheering for Chris and Zach's singing and trumpet playing skills.


Spaghetti is completely covered in white fur with pale blue hands and face, he also has brown eyes.


  • In the credits his name is revealed to be "Spaghetti the Yeti".
  • His grunt sounds like Ronald Weasley and Professor Snape's grunt in Chris O'Neill's "Wingardium Leviousa".
  • Not a huge fan of dick