The Mailman
Vital statistics
Gender Male
First appeared Applooza
Voiced By Chris O'Neill
Fuck You!

–Mailman, Applooza

The Mailman is the main antagonist in the episode "Applooza". He gave Chris and Zach a letter saying they have to pay $2 dollars for recieving the letter, after failing to pay him the two dollars, they go outside to confront him and say they could'nt pay the bill and if he would forgive them. He replies "Fuck you" and puts a another letter in the mail box and is then attacked and devoured by Zach's Pottery leaving only his hat.


The Mailman has brown curly hair, he wears a dark blue hat and short sleeved T shirt with shorts.


When Chris and Zach made their speech about how they can't afford to pay their bill, he looked as if he felt guilty for giving it to them. As soon as Chris and Zach finished their speech, he then appeared angry, saying "Fuck you" to them and demanding money from them.