The talking tree



Voiced by

Bob Saget



 Treedo is a talking tree who made his first apperance in the episode, Applooza


Chris and Zach needed to get some apples to sell to the black market, so they went to him. Chris found out he could talk after Treedo whipped Chris on the bottom with one of his branches, he further compliments Chris by saying "You have nice titties for a little boy" and wanting him to climb into his hole for him to rape them. Chris and Zach thought it sounded weird and Chris was poked in the eye by Treedo so Zach kicked him, stole his apples and left. It is revealed when they leave that Treedo has a little boy in his "hole" presumably held there by his own will.


Treedo is an apple tree with a large hole in his trunk, his bark is a light brown and when he's agitated his eyes go yellow.


Treedo is a pedophile and compliments children to make him look nice. (Like he did with Chris)


  • In the credits of Applooza, Treedo's name was revealed.
  • His name could be a pun on the word pedo or pedophile.
  • He can do more than talk.
  • Bob Saget does not voice Treedo.
  • Neither does Kim Jong Un.
  • Chris O'Neill voices Treedo.
  • Treedo is called Treedo, because his branch is a Dildo; Eeeurgh.
  • His name is a play on the words "Tree" and "Pedo".