Vital statistics
Gender Male
First appeared Icecream
Voiced By Zach Hadel
You look pretty good

–Zach, Applooza

Zach is one of the two main protagonists of the flash animation series Hellbenders. He is best friends with Chris and enjoys annoying everyone he meets. He is voiced by his real-life counterpart, Zach Hadel.


Zach, as well as Chris, is known for having a freakishly small face and weiner in comparison to his head. He has dark brown hair and usually wears an orange polo shirt with blue pants, but when making pottery, he wears nothing but an apron.

During the winter, he keeps the same color scheme with a large orange jacket and thicker blue pants.  Odds are he has more clothes than this, but as of now this is all of Zach's attire that has been unveiled 


Like Chris, Zach is humorously portrayed as unintelligent and socially awkward. Zach is slightly more quiet and odd than Chris. He also laughs manically at strange times. Adding to this, he seems to make much more insane facial expressions than Chris. He also gets spontaneous nosebleeds when he gets too excited. It’s also implied that’s he’s sexually attracted with Chris.


  • It is assumed that purple is Zach's favorite color. More likely his favorite flavor though.
  • Zach appears to enjoy making pottery while wearing nothing but an apron.
  • Zach was once almost abducted by a sandal wearing hippie refered to as "Jupiter".
  • In "A Hellbenders Christmas", It was revealed that Zach "knows" how to play the trumpet.
  • The package shown protruding from his apron gives one the impression he has an erect stubby.
  • Zach gets alot of aneurisms.
  • Once an episode Zach gets serious.
  • Not Racist.
  • Likes tickling.
  • Knows where you're ticklish.