Zach's Pottery
Zach's Pottery





 Zach's Pottery made its debut in the first episode: Applooza. It was created by Zach, and somehow came to life when Chris and Zach were busy making out. It wandered outside and gruesomely ate an Old Woman and The Mailman. Its current location is unknown.

There is no clear explanation of how the Pottery came into being, but it is highly speculated that it may have inadvertently received some sort of dark, magical power from Zach, being the Hellbender that he is (whatever that is supposed to be, but it has the word "Hell" in it, so...). Since Zach is in a way, its father, it may not harm him, as it could have easily attacked the two friends when it first awoke. Instead, it ventured out to seek nourishments elsewhere.


Not much is known about this mysterious sentient object, but one thing is clear; it is extremely vicious and hostile. It will attack all living things on sight (although, it has no eyes) and mince them into a bloody pulp in mere seconds.

It also displays a certain level of intelligence by hiding in a mailbox to ambush unsuspecting prey. This mean that the Pottery is capable of learning, and may grow into a larger threat if left unchecked, which is probably what will happen in the near future...


Zach's Pottery is a mound of clay which is light-brown in colour. Though it has a cylindrical body, it is known to be able to freely shape-shift, so it can be said that this creature has no definite form. It also appears to have an unnaturally fast metabolism as it can ingest a whole human being in seconds, and still maintaining the same size. This may explain its violent nature as it constantly trying to fill its hunger.